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What are the System Requirements necessary for the course and LMS?

  • Make sure all pop-up blockers are disabled.

  • Basic Food Safety eStart™ is optimally viewed at a screen resolution of 1024 x 768 or higher.

  • For the course to properly function, you MUST have a current version of Java on your computer. (7 or higher)
    (If you are unable to move past the first page of the quiz, Java 7 will resolve that issue.)
    Please go to and download a current version of Java. After installing the new version of Java, please close your browser, and log back in to a new training session.

Confirm you have the latest versions of the following: (Click on the links below to access and download the required resource.)
Recommended Internet Browser:
Internet Explorer 8.0 or higher 
Plug-ins Needed:
Flash Player 9 
Adobe Reader 7.0


I cannot get beyond the first two quiz questions.

It is often the version of Java and the version of your Internet browser that prohibit the quiz/course from functioning properly. Please confirm you have the versions noted below, restart your computer and log back into your training session to successfully complete the quiz.
If the quiz questions are repeating or you cannot get past the first page of the final quiz, you need a current version of Java (version 7 or higher), as noted in the System Requirements.
You can get the required free download by using this URL:
It may be necessary to restart your computer after the Java download to ensure the new Java is in effect during your new online session.
You will also want to confirm you are using Internet Explorer v.7 as your browser.
After installing the new version of Java, please close your browser, and log back in to a new training session.


My Certificate reads "null" instead of my name?

When you begin the course, you should see a pop-up that reads "Please enter your name for your Certificate" (separate from the course itself). It should appear each time you click on a title course and launch the course.
If this is not happening, there is a setting somewhere on your machine (a pop-up blocker) that is preventing it from doing so. Pay attention to the top and bottom of the open windows as they often have messages if pop-ups were disallowed.
The "null" setting is what the course uses when a name has not been entered. Unfortunately, it is very difficult to pinpoint where a setting may exist- but first check your browser and Internet options as they are the usual culprits. You may also need to confirm that you are using Java version 7 or higher and a compatible Internet browser (IE 7 or higher). This link is available on the Home Page of the Training Portal after logging in.


I am having trouble viewing/navigating the program. What is the problem?

Move through the course by using either the back/next arrows at the bottom right of each page or use the Interactive Table of Contents on the left. If either of these functions is not working or you are unable to advance through the course, email us at support at foodservicetrainingportal dot com.


What information does the LMS track?

Safe Food Solutions uses an Enterprise-Class Learning Management System that provides our clients with a robust, feature-rich record management and data storage experience.
Account Administrators are able to view statistics on a company, store or individual level and see the start/finish times, dates accessed, quiz score, completion status and individual question performance for each employee/student. All Learning Management data can be viewed online or saved, downloaded and printed as Excel worksheets.


Does Basic Food Safety eStart™ satisfy my state training requirement?

Typically state and county health departments mandate only what food safety programs can be used for required Managerial Certification.
For most non-management/line level food safety programs, like Basic Food Safety eStart™, you can use whatever program best suits your property's needs.
This is not the case in CA, OR, FL or TX. However, Basic Food Safety eStart™ is an approved solution for use in Texas to obtain a required FoodHandler Card (TX DSHS #59). Please contact us to inquire about your specific jurisdiction.

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